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Tonio Hubilla

Unit 13/4-10 View Street Arncliffe, NSW 2205


personal statement

Since 2013 I have worked as a front-end JavaScript developer in the United States, and now Australia. With a few years experience using HTML5 and Sass/CSS to implement UI and using JavaScript to manage dynamic data, I've grown into a role that focuses primarily on the architecture and engineering of JavaScript heavy web applications, using a variety of tooling and frameworks.

With a background in media art and creative coding, I thrive on solving problems with creativity, unconventional approaches, and “outside-the-box” thinking. I'm looking to join a collaborative and inclusive environment conducive to learning and growing my existing skills. Being an active devotee of the open source community, I’ve developed a passion for optimizing workflows, testing and following best practices to deliver clean, clear, and maintainable code that not only performs for users, but communicates intention and purpose across development teams.

I’m also passionate about the power and the potential of the web. I believe that its strength comes from diversity and heterogeneity, and that it has the ability to empower and lift people up. I want to help build a web that celebrates the incongruity and inefficiency of human beings, and helps us connect us to ourselves as much as it connects us to each other.


Bard College

Bachelors of Arts in Music

Annandale-on-Hudson, NY USASeptember 2000 - May 2005

Concentration in electronic and digital performance and composition

Class Limited


Sydney, NSW AU

JavaScript Developer

November 2019 - Present

Company Design System

Technology:Vue, Typescript, Boostrap/Bootstrap-Vue, Sass, Webpack, Babel, ESLint/TSLint, Jest, Storybook, NodeJS/NPM, git
  • Support development of UI components library
  • Implement design system guideliens for UI and UX
  • Support development of Vue library and Web Component library

Pizza Hut Australia


Macquarie Park, NSW AU

Front End Web Developer (Contract)

August 2018 - June 2019

E-commerce Platform

Technology:Vue/Vuex/VueRouter, AngularJS (v1.4.9), Boostrap/Bootstrap-Vue, Webpack, Babel, ESLint/StandardJS, Jest, Cypress, NodeJS/NPM, git
  • Developed reusable UI components and application features on an iterative schedule, supporting a platform rewrite
  • Developed in-house style guide and documentation generation workflow using automated build scripts
  • Integrated in-house and third party APIs for rendering product data, processing orders, and handling payment
  • Implemented unit and integration tests for development workflow
  • Provided maintenance and bug fixes for legacy platform

@Point of Care, LLC


Livingston, NJ USA

Lead Front End Web Developer (Contract)

September 2017 - June 2018

Internal Web Application

Technology:Vue/Vuex/VueRouter, Tachyons, Animate.css, Browserify, PostCSS, Tape, Babel, ESLint, NodeJS/NPM, git
  • Single page application for managing/updating project metadata
  • API integration/CRUD operations for dynamic rendering based on provided JSON schema and user interaction
  • User authentication/access

Web Application

Technology:Choo, Browserify, PostCSS, jQuery, Bootstrap, Tape, jsdom, Babel, ESLint, NodeJS/NPM, git
  • Single page application providing bespoke user experience and content
  • API integration/CRUD operations for managing user authorization, accreditation, and preferences
  • Support existing legacy systems, industry partnerships, and integration of machine learning API
  • Technical documentation and testing

Internal Command Line Tool

Technology:Puppeteer, NodeJS, NPM, Tape, ESLint, git
  • Retrieve and format data from web sources provided by partners to be ingested by machine learning API

Lead Front End Web Developer

June 2015 - August 2017

Multimedia UI Component

Technology:Yo-yo, Browserify, Babel, Karma/Mocha, ESLint, NodeJS/NPM, git
  • Lightweight, responsive solution for use on top of legacy websites and as a stand-alone application to dynamically render text, audio, and static image content as multimedia accreditation activity

Web Applications

Technology:Navigo (client-side routing), Handlebars, Bootstrap/Sass, jQuery, Grunt, Browserify, Babel, Karma/Mocha, ESLint, NodeJS/NPM, git
  • Single page application framework for dynamically rendering content across multiple sites/domains
  • API integration/CRUD operations for managing user authorization, accreditation, and preferences
  • Support both web browser and hybrid iOS platforms


Technology:Handlebars, Browserify, Bootstrap/Sass, jQuery, Grunt, Babel, git
  • Responsive website for submitting queries and rendering responses for use in hybrid iOS app and to showcase @POC’s machine learning API

Internal Command Line Tool (NodeJS Middleware)

Technology:NodeJS, git
  • Request large datasets from legacy service and transform into discrete datasets for consumption across multiple platforms and applications

Junior Front End Web Developer

October 2013 - May 2015

User Authentication UI

Technology:Bootstrap/Sass, jQuery, Web Storage APIs
  • Responsive HTML form for authenticating users across multiple platforms, applications, and websites
  • SSO integration for @POC’s partner organizations

Media Player UI

Technology:Bootstrap/Sass, jQuery, HTML5 Media APIs
  • Responsive UI for medical accreditation activities integrating audio, video and static images into multi-media playlists/presentations

Web Applications

Technology:Bootstrap/CSS/Sass, jQuery, HTML
  • Implement and maintain responsive UI across web applications dynamically rendered using a hybrid stack of JavaScript/jQuery and PHP
  • Introduce Sass build process to help “componentize” styling of reusable UI elements across web applications

Open Source